Once upon a time there was a silver screen actress who went to Monaco to film a movie. While in Monaco she met a prince whom she married and became a princess.

Grace Kelly (L) attends the 1956 Academy Awards. Nicole Kidman (R) on location for "Grace of Monaco". GALLERY: Best movie star look-a-likes

Sounds like a fairytale, right? Well it's the stuff of Hollywood legends -- for real -- and it just happens to be the story of the one-and-only Grace Kelly.

In a case of art imitating life (although one could argue it was life imitating art in the first place), Princess Grace's fairytale story is currently being made into a film. And it stars none other than our very own Nicole Kidman.

The photo, taken while filming "Grace of Monaco" on location in Monaco, shows Nic wearing a white floor-length ball gown, chiffon wrap, satin opera gloves and a bouffant blonde up-do reminiscent of Grace Kelly attending the 1956 Academy Awards.

Nicole stars opposite Tim Roth, who plays Grace's husband Prince Rainer III in the film.

"Grace of Monaco" is due for general release in 2014.

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