Cuba Gooding


Born 01/02/1968

A gregarious actor with a smile that lights up the screen, Cuba Gooding, Jr. experienced the highs and lows of show business growing up as the son of his famous singer father. As he explained to the Los Angeles Times on January 5, 1997: "We lived in a big house and had chauffeurs, we'd go
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  • In 1997, received American Comedy Award for Funniest Supporting Actor in a Motion Picture
  • In 1997, received NATO/ShoWest Supporting Actor of the Year Award
  • In 1996, received Oscar for Best Supporting Actor


  • In 2008, Co-starred in the comedy film, "Harold"
  • In 2007, Starred in "Daddy Day Camp" a sequel to "Daddy Day Care" which starred Eddie Murphy
  • In 2007, Co-starred with Eddie Murphy in the comedy "Norbit"

Family & Companions

  • Cuba Gooding: father (Lead vocalist for rhythm and blues group, The Main Ingredient, best known for its 1972 hit "Everybody Plays the Fool"; separated from Gooding's mother in 1974; remarried after 13 years of divorce)
  • Shirley Gooding: mother (Toured with Jackie Wilson's Sweethearts during the 1960s)
  • April Gooding: sister (Older)

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