Mikhail Baryshnikov Relations


  • mother Aleksandra Kiseleva: Russian; hanged herself when Baryshnikov was 12
  • father Nikolai Baryshnikov: Russian; sent to Riga, Latvia to teach military topography in the Air Force academy; remarried after Aleksandra's suicide
  • half-brother Vladimir: son from Aleksandra's first marriage; born c. 1940; discovered mother's suicide
  • daughter Aleksandra Baryshnikov: born c. 1981; lives with mother Jessica Lange
  • son Peter Baryshnikov: born c. 1989; mother, dancer Lisa Rinehart
  • daughter Anna Katerina Baryshnikov: born on May 22, 1992; mother, Lisa Rinehart
  • daughter Sofia-Luisa Baryshnikov: born on May 24, 1994; mother, Lisa Rinehart


  • Gelsey Kirkland: left New York City Ballet to become his partner at American Ballet Theatre; no longer together
  • Janine Turner: dated
  • Jessica Lange: no longer together; mother of Baryshnikov'd eldest child
  • Lisa Rinehart: mother of three of Baryshnikov's children; ballerina with the American Ballet Theater
  • Natalia Makarova: Kirov's rising young ballerina defected while company was performing in London in 1970; no longer together at time of defection