Les Miserables

How long is it? 157 minutes

Why the ending was too long: This was a major motion picture production, so of course we knew it’d be long. But it felt like the length of the film had reached a point where we thought, no amount of great (or not so great) singing will make up for it!

When it should have ended: The holy ending was essential to the story, so maybe the film could have been cut in other areas – for example, when Russell Crowe and Hugh Jackman barked at each other through song. While we appreciate the concept of a musical, the let’s-turn-this-argument-into-a-karaoke-competition scenes were often droning (and the fact that Mr Crowe’s voice isn’t exactly… musical-worthy didn’t help either). What’s wrong with one or two short spoken sentences? It’d still be a musical!

Photo by Universal Pictures Feb 8, 2013


You know a movie’s too long when your head has succumbed to gravity and falls flat into your enormous bucket of popcorn. Or even worse, when there’s none left...

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