Deep Impact Vs. Armageddon

'Deep Impact' and 'Armageddon' were released three months apart, with the former helmed by respected TV director Mimi Leder, and the latter by the baron of bombast himself, Michael Bay. The plots were hugely similar, incorporating a team being charged with tackling a meteor that threatens the Earth with extinction. Bay's was, predictably, a macho cornball the size of the meteor he sought to destroy, with swaggering performances from Willis, Affleck and, oddly, Buscemi. But nonetheless it turned in over $550 million. 'Deep Impact' cost not much more that half the amount of 'Armageddon', and with a female star (Tea Leoni, with support from Robert Duvall and Morgan Freeman) it did pretty well too, coining nearly $350 million. There was clearly room for both.

Photo by Paramount Pictures/Touchstone Pictures Apr 24, 2013


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