Gru and his Minions, Despicable Me

If you’re ever adopted by a super villain hell-bent on stealing the moon, you better hope it’s Gru. Disappointed by being upstaged by a rival villain, Gru adopted three young girls - Margo, Edith, and Agnes - to help him break into the rival’s home. It may have started as an adoption of convenience, but they soon became a family.

Photo by Photo by Photo Credit: Universal Pictures and Illumination Entertainment - © Universal Studios. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED Jun 16, 2014


When you think of your favourite movie families, who comes to mind? Is it the Skywalker clan from the Star Wars saga? The unlikely brood from Despicable Me? Or is it the all singing (and marching) Von Trapp Family from The Sound of Music? We break down our top 10 movie families and why they deserve your affection.

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