January 31, 2013, 9:54 am Yahoo! OMG

When Jennifer Lawrence collected her SAG award for best actress last week, the 22-year-old suffered possibly the biggest wardrobe malfunction of recent years, but the dress' designer Dior claim that nothing was amiss.

On her way to the stage Jennifer’s dress got caught on a chair resulting in it coming apart, nearly revealing her underwear.

Ever the pro, Jennifer quickly remedied the malfunction, going on to graciously accept her award.

Describing the incident, Jennifer Lawrence joked that she will never search for pictures of it on the internet in a bid forget the embarrassing situation.

She said: “I fell on the ground. Somebody’s chair got stuck on my train or somebody’s foot or something.

GALLERY: WARDROBE MALFUNCTIONS! (Pictured: Jennifer Lawrence at the 2013 SAG Awards)

“I will never look at pictures of this night. That’s the only true way to happiness.”

However, now it seems that Dior, the designer of the dress, are far from happy with their garment being portrayed as faulty.

The high end fashion house was so incensed that they have since released a statement about the dress.

It read: “The dress is made with different levels of tulle and satin, and that is what the viewers saw when Jennifer lifted her dress slightly.

“It was not ripped, and there was no malfunction. … It was the design of the gown.”

Wardrobe malfunction or not, there is no denying that the incident was wholly embarrassing for poor Jen.

We wouldn’t be surprised if Jennifer Lawrence ditches Dior come Oscar night...

VIDEO: Watch the trailer for the film that Jennifer won her SAG for:

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